About Kurumbizi Tours and Safaris


Founded in 2009, Kurumbizi Tours and Safari is a full-service ground handler and inbound tour operator offering outstanding expertise and comprehensive advice for travel to East Africa. With local offices in Morogoro-Tanzania, Kurumbizi Tours and Safaris specializes in various tour services, including private tailor-made tours, group travel, official visits, business trips, study tours, professional photography tours, honeymoon, and family photoshoots tours, etc.

Comfortable Journey

Being the general sales agent of tours and travels in Tanzania, we can arrange private charter flights between different locations in Tanzania to let our clients experience a fantastic safari in the air.

Splendid Itinerary

Our safari specialists can tailor-make the safari plan according to client demands in 24 hours, providing the best itinerary to exceed all their expectations, creating once in a lifetime experience.

Perfect Timing

Our safari specialists predict how the wildebeest migration will move based on previous years’ migratory patterns and real-time updates so as to advise our clients on the perfect timing for travel.

Unique Experience

Since 2009, we had participated in the production of many CCTV documentaries and live to broadcast the Migration in Tanzania and Kenya, which is our most precious experience.

Local Cuisine

The founder of Kurumbizi Safari first came up with idea of setting up an office of tourism in 2008 and made the dream come true in 2009. With accumulated rich experiences of local cuisine over three decades, we can satisfy the diverse appetite of every client from different areas around the world

Licensed Guide

Mr. Evance Njau, the Founder & CEO has experience of over 10 years in the tourism industry. Owing to his training, we have the most experienced and knowledgeable tour guide team.

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