Mkingu Forest

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Is the south Nguru Mountains, is an area of dense mountain forest with dramatic viewpoints, Mkingu forest is the largest forest remaining in the south Nguru Mountains. The forest is the home of many plant and animal species including Black and White colobus monkeys mountain galagos and Black -and-rufous elephant shrews. Some of the plants and animals that are found in Mikingu are unique in this forest never having been recorded elsewhere in there are seven vertebrate species that are unique to the south Nguru mountains.

For bird watchers, there are 215 bird species including a rare chance to see Moreau’s sunbird and Banded green sunbird.

The south Nguru Mountains are part of Eastern Arc Mountains. The Eastern Arc is a chain of ancient forested mountains stretching across Tanzania and into Kenya.

Mkingu forests its about 120 kilometers from Morogoro town.


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