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Mwanihana Peak -Udzungwa Mountains

Mwanihana Peak, the second-highest peak in this lovely mountain range, entices with its stunning views and a trail that meanders through a variety of plants. Ascend to the summit of the Udzungwa Mountains, which stands boldly at 2500 meters, and immerse yourself in its verdant magnificence.

This breathtaking hike reveals a fascinating trip distinguished by shifting environments, from deep forests to expansive vistas, and offers more than simply panoramic views. Mwanihana Peak, which offers sanctuary to species exclusive to this area, is evidence of the Udzungwa Mountains’ great biodiversity.

Mwanihana Peak, which is accessible all year round, provides an amazing experience for anyone looking for a fulfilling challenge amidst Tanzania’s natural beauties.

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Embark on the adventure of a lifetime with the Mwanihana Trails, the longest and most captivating trek spanning 38 kilometres in the entire Udzungwa Mountain National Park. This thrilling 3-day/2-night expedition will lead you to the majestic Mwanihana Peak, standing proudly at 2500 meters. Brace yourself for a mesmerizing journey where the landscape transforms with every step, revealing the unique flora at different altitudes.

Accessible year-round, the optimal time for this enchanting tour is before the April-May rainy season or after the short November rains. The lush trails can be challenging during heavy rains, making these periods ideal for a seamless hiking experience.

Getting ready for your safari? Your trip through Southern Tanzania can include a quick climb to Udzungwa Mountain National Park. Udzungwa Mountain promises to be a remarkable addition to your itinerary, whether you’re planning a brief trip from Dar es Salaam to Mikumi, a combination of Selous and Mikumi, or a comprehensive exploration covering Selous, Mikumi, and Ruaha National Park.

With alternatives like a one-day trip to the stunning Sanje Waterfall or an exhilarating three-day hike to the amazing Mwanihana Peak, you can customize your safari with our Southern Tanzania Safari Package. Hikers are invited to Udzungwa Mountain year-round, where they may expect an immersive encounter with the beauties of nature.

Mwanihana Peak, the second-highest peak in the Udzungwa Mountains, is waiting for you if you’re an enthusiastic hiker looking for a challenge. Don’t pass up the opportunity to enhance your safari experience with Udzungwa Mountain National Park’s expansive vistas and unmatched adventure.


Tour Plan:
Day 1: Dar es Salaam or Morogoro to Udzungwa National Park.
You will be picked up very early, either from Dar es Salaam or Morogoro and drive to Udzungwa National Park’s main gate. On arrival at the park, you will meet with your mountain guide, porters and range team, ready to start your hiking to the first camp of Munihama trails. The hike to the campsite will take you about 6 hours, and it’s 12 km from the starting point. The campsite is next to a fresh mountain stream. This trail exposes visitors to the montane forest and the heathland habitats of higher slopes. Include forest primates; you may also see elephants and buffalos in the forest.
Meal plan: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Accommodation:  Njia Panda Campsite
Day 2: Mwanihana Peak, 2150m
We start early for a trek through the changing forests. The hiking distance is 14 kilometres up and down. From miombo woodland through low-land, sub-montane, highland plateau to untouched montane forest. Soon after, you reach the summit’s bare rock and green glades. The view of Kilombero Valley is marvellous. Descend to the campsite for dinner and an overnight stay.
Meal plan: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Accommodation: Njia Panda Campsite
Day 3: Descent to the park headquarters -Transfer back to Dar es Salaam or Morogoro
The early morning start descends to the park gate ( 12 kilometres) to meet the driver and the jeep. Transfer to the hotel for a hot shower and lunch. In the afternoon, we drive back to Dar es Salaam where the tour will end agreed point.
Meal plan: breakfast, lunch
Accommodation: no accommodation on this day.
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