• Bondwa peak

    At Bondwa peak there is a spectacular view of Morogoro town and other areas

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  • Choma Tour

    This is a Traditional village about 8 kilometers from Morogoro town (6-7 Hours go and return).

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  • Chome Forest

    Chome forest is a unique montane rain Forest in south pare mountains in Kilimanjaro Region established in 1951

  • Hululu Waterfall

    The falls are located 53.3km to the southeast of Morogoro town, at vinile village in Bunduki ward.

  • Kilimanjaro Mountain

    Come join thousands of tourists climbing the tallest Mountain in Africa.

  • Kinole Tour

    Kinole is well known because is a headquarter of the Waluguru’s chief Kingalu.

  • Lukwangule plateau

    Lukwangule plateau is located in South Uluguru 58.4km to the south-west of Morogoro town.

  • Materuni Waterfall

    Materuni is one of the few villages of wonder in Northern Tanzania sitting at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro.

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  • Mkingu Forest

    The home of many plant and animal species including Black and White colobus monkeys mountain galagos and Black -and-rufous elephant shrews.

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    Built-in 1911 and come into Operational in the 1970s

  • Mount Hanang

    mainly serves as a hiking destination, it may take one or two days depending on once level of fitness and time constraints.

  • Mount Meru

    visible from Mount Kilimanjaro on a clear day and is the fifth highest mountain in Africa.