Chome Forest

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Chome forest is a unique montane rain Forest in south pare mountains in Kilimanjaro Region, It was established in 1951, It forms part of Eastern Arc Mountain group and is located in south Pare Mountain. It is known as Shengena Forest, The Forest cover a total area of 14,283 Hectares and a total length of 67 kilometers. There is the highest peak of mount Shegena (2463 meters above sea level) but it slopes down to an elevation of 12 meters above sea level. The south pares Mountains from part of Eastern Arc Mountain group with the North pare range to the Northwest Taifa Hills in Kenya to the North East and the West and East Usambara ranges to the southeast and a chain of mountain ranges running southwest. There are over 500 plant species and 136 vertebrate species that are found nowhere else on earth of which 18 are found in Chome Forest.


The mountain is classified as an Important bird area, more than as bird species have been recorded from the forest including Hunter’s Cisticola and the Red-capped tailor bird. There are two species of monkey present Sykes monkey and the Eastern Arc race of the Angola pied colobus. Other mammals include elephant shrews, anomalures red duiker. There are a number of the trail for excellent Hiking trails through the reserve’s forest’s All times shown are for walking there and back.


  • Shengena peak trail, for an excellent view of Mkomazi national park and Taita Hills in Kenya (6Hours)
  • Turaco Trail, for keen birders (2.5 Hours).
  • Butterfly Trail, To see the high montane forest with many species of Butterflies, flowers, and epiphytes (1.5 Hour).
  • Bat caves trail, (6Hours).
  • Thomsom waterfalls trail, (2Hours).
  • Bamboo Drive, to watch birds, monkeys, butterflies and enjoy various viewpoints over Mkomazi national park (4 Hours -4WD required).


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