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Kinole is well known because is the headquarter of the Waluguru’s chief Kingalu. The place is located 48km from Morogoro town in the feet of the eastern side of the Uluguru mountains. A route for the hikers from Morogoro to Kinole takes you through Nyanyiko traditional site where chief Kingalu was used to rest on his way to Nguru Mountain to worship during those good old days. On your return trip, you choose between the two routes, either return on the same route (walking) or aboard the vehicle. A drive-by bus from Kinole to Motogoro takes 1.30hrs. When going to Kinole on foot it is highly recommended to engage a tour guide who knows the path. Generally, a walk to Kinole takes 4-6 hours which you visit kisimbi waterfall and visiting chief Kingalu and Kinole market. You can go on a day trip or stay overnight.


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