Lupanga Peak

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Lupanga peaks located in Uluguru north, east-south of Morogoro town at 2138m above sea level. Lupanga peak it is a physical challenging tour which takes 10-12 hours to walk to the peak. The trail is steep, which starts at the end of Forest Hill Road, at Kibwe village passing through farmland and into the nature reserve along a ridge up to the peak. On a clear day, there are good views towards the eastern side of the Uluguru, also there is a Germany tower built at the peak which is used for viewing distant places. A walk to the peak may be dangerous in the wet season. It is recommended to use a local tour guide. On the way you can be able to see birds like Livingston Turaco, Silvery cheeked Hornbills and others. The peak is located in the Uluguru Mountain.


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