Uluguru Mountain

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Uluguru mountain situated in Eastern part of Tanzania about 200km to the west of Dar es Salaam city along Dar es salaam-Mbeya highway. It stretches approximately 20km wide and 100km long. The Uluguru Mountains are the range of ridges which run from North to the south and rising to an altitude of 2,638m above seal being the highest point.


The Uluguru Mountains is apart of the Eastern Arc Mountains (EAM), which run from Taita Hills in southern Kenya to the Udzungwa Mountains in south-central Tanzania. Uluguru mountains lie at the heart of the Eastern Arc Mountains, stretching over 241 square kilometers ( 24,115.09 Ha) with a boundary length of 197km. It was established in 2008 to conserve the area’ unique ecosystem and protect its exceptional biodiversity for future generations. It was declared as Nature Reserve in 7/11/2008.



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  1. David

    We’ve had two amazing days with Evans in the Uluguru Mountains. He is very passionate about the nature and his job. He answered all our questions and explained a lot of things starting from local plants and agricultural habits to local traditions. Sleeping in a tent at Morningside was great and very comfortable, the food was very delicious. 10/10, we would definitely do it again! Thank you Evans

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